Hacienda La Banda Occidental

Urcuquí - ChachImbiro - Ecuador

The Volcanic Hot Springs of Chachimbiro


Chachimbiro, which means "strength" in Quichua, is the name of the medicinal volcanic hot springs. Thousands of people from all over the world come every month to this place. Several national and international companies in Chachimbiro provide the public with access to dozens of natural pools which vary in size, temperature and luxury.

Not only the surroundings are beautiful due to the pools being located between two extinct volcanoes, but also the magical powers of the water, which is believed to cure illnesses, is what make Chachimbiro so popular. Many people believe that God has touched this water, as it has had miraculous effects on some people. The most believed explanation is, however, that the composition of the water, which contains several kinds of minerals and salts, provide the body with essential minerals that it usually lacks of.